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From R&B to Hip Hop, from Soul to Pop, multi talented artist/writer/producer, Charles “Kizzo” Kizzee continues to reveal to the world a style that can only be described as, “Kizzotainment.”



You are invited to enjoy “Put It All Up There,” Lomax’s latest, hot new “Southern Soul” released on KAL Entertainment Inc. “Put It All Up In There” is written by Lomax Spaulding IV and produced and performed by Lomax Spaulding III. This ‘sure to please’ release has the makings of a “Southern Soul” classic and has also allowed Lomax to be nominated for “New Male Vocalist of the Year” by the Jus Blues Music Foundation.
Be on the lookout for Lomax’s hot, new (CD) (album) entitled “Life Lessons.”



Bon Ton Mickey - There are few better live entertainers. Mickey fuels the energy and passion of the crowd by playing on his knees and even on his back. After over 30 years of playing and touring, he's paid his dues and forged a special place for himself through his unique blend of music & stage performance. Bon Ton Mickey & the zydeco band have a repertoire of four dynamic albums. For additional information or booking contact: bon_ton_mickey@yahoo.com


$12.97 cd

$9.99 mp3


Black Zack, born Sammy Mcdowell , reigns as “the Original Southern Soul Rapper.”

His music is elating, exciting, funky, yet soulful and personal. Despite all age barriers or generational gap, wherever, Black Zack appears the venue is a guaranteed sell out.



His most accomplished album to date, "In The Zone", featuring the new, current smash "Too Much Booty Shakin'", in addition to 12 more all new top quality originals!


Singer, Lyricist and Composer is a dynamic and powerful vocalist and performer with a variety of talents in various styles of music, which he describes as “Down Home”. Shohn’s talents have been constantly growing and he tries to out do himself with each performance.Now  after traveling all over the world singing Shohn is being searched out and introduced to some of Soul & Blues and Beach forefront artist whom love Shohn’s insight and his magical appeal to their audiences.


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